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Our club currently boasts four annual lawn bowling tournaments for our members and members from other Northern California lawn bowling clubs. Of those four tournaments, our March/April pairs tournament and our August/September singles tournament are for our members only.  The Friendship Tournament and the Halloween Tournament are both open to outsiders.

Annual Club Pairs Tournament

This is a tournament exclusively for our club's members, so you'll have to join up to join in.

2019's mixed doubles winners were veteran DMCLBC bowlers Jay & d'Aulan Gentry.

2018's Winners - Kari and Wylie=Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

John Brown Friendship Game

Who says lawn bowling competition and friendship can’t mix? Six South San Francisco Bay/Central Coast California lawn bowling clubs answer a resounding “yes, they can”!

The John Brown Friendship Games (typically begin early May and end early June) and are held at the Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose, Santa Cruz and Del Mesa Carmel lawn bowling clubs. 

The games are named after John Brown, who was PIMD President in 1977 and a champion at promoting the game of lawn bowls.  According to Larry Collaco, from the Sunnyvale Lawn Bowling Club, “As a member of the Sunnyvale Club, John initiated friendly competition between the local clubs.  These games eventually developed into the informal draw games we now call the Friendship games, open to all bowlers,” and for a very friendly fee of $3.  This annual event has been a fun and friendly way to meet new and old friends for quite some time now.

The open draw ensures that you will play with and meet a large number of new folks.  And several host clubs use ingenious methods to make sure that their hometown members are spread evenly amongst the rinks in play.

A recent Friendship Game was played on Flag Day, so we featured flags from around the world.

In early May look for complete information on this website about the Friendship Games.

Frank Martinez Found Himself Trapped Between the Flags of the United Kingdom and Wales

Larry Collaco Came Ready to Play!


Want a Little Break From All Whites and/or Team Colors?  Come to The Del Mesa Lawn Bowling Club's Tab Boyden Memorial Halloween Classic, and Wear Anything You’d Like!

This tournament features four triples games of eight ends and prizes for tournament play.

As in previous years, this wild and funny tournament will sell out, so look for more information on this website in September.

2018's tournament was won by a team headed by Tess Ball, a member of both our club and the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club.

A highlight of the day was the 2nd place winners, a team anchored by our own Genevieve Cichy, aka "The Pink Lady", who two days later celebrated her 103rd birthday!

Needless-to-say, pandemonium ensued.


2018 Tess Ball and Her First-place Team

2018 "The Pink Lady" and Her Very Happy Second-place Team


Steve Henrikson, President
Del Mesa Carmel Lawn Bowling Club
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